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I think I've been working so much lately, cos my Flatmate gives me the shits.

I should've known better, living with a guy 5 years younger than me. Doesn't clean up after himself, wont do anything unless I ask him to, which makes me feel HORRIBLE! for the last 2 weeks, the lounge room has been littered with two massive suitcases full if clothes (whilst his closet remains EMPTY), and there are donnas and pillows all over the couches... Asked him a few times why, but got no reply. He's now taken the past few night to actually sleeping in the lounge room, which drives me nuts, cos I feel by watching tv that I am intruding on his sleep!!!!!! Use your fucking bedroom! Couches are meant for sitting and entertaining and maybe the occasional nap, but not sleeping when you have a huge bedroom 5m away!!!!! And please unload your damn groceries, not leave them for a week til I get the shits and unload them for you. and do your dishes more than once a week as well. I feel like your mother. I'm too embarrassed to have friends over, I sleep 4 days a week at my boyfriends place just to get away from it all. I hate this unit even more now.

I can't wait for July 13, lease is up, and I'm moving out!!!

At least I'm refining my criteria for a Flatmate.

Must have job
Must do dishes at least every second day
Must have friends (current doesn't have any in Brisbane, so is ALWAYS HOME)
keeps junk in bedroom or garage
Must not be one of those uber skinny people who can eat what they want and not gain weight.
Must be motivated to live
Less lazy than me. I need encouragement to be proactive, not destructive.

I think I should just live with a girl
Or by myself. Maybe I'm just being unreasonable?

I'm also getting old and cranky. Dooooooooooomed

So that's why I work late. Cos if I get home at midnight, Flatmate is usually in bed, and I can have 1/2 hour quiet time before going to bed. I love quiet time. Oh dear, I definitely am getting old!!!!!

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