Charlie (tangochocky) wrote,


I'm on holidays, woot!!!

Just at work checking my emails and stuff though :)  Will be leaving soon!  Back at work Wednesday 22nd August - I will try to get on the net as much as I can, but since I don't own a computer or anything... I might not be able to check emails or lj or myspace... how do people survive without the net???

Anyway, Jay has been gone for 4 days now, ohhhh that means only like 7 1/2 weeks til he gets back!  Not sure of his return date though, I don't even think he knows!  Ahhh the joys of being able to fly anywhere you want!  Well as long as he flies back to me, I don't care :)

My allergies have been playing up again, damn hair dye!  my hair looks so hot, but yeahhh doped up on heaps of anithistamines to stop me gouging my eyes out and scratching every 10 seconds!  oh welll, the price you pay for beauty, right!!!

ok it's just after 10 and I'm leaving now!!!
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