Charlie (tangochocky) wrote,

nothing interesting LOL

Well, it wasn't the most thrilling of weekends, but I still had fun.

Friday after work went and met up with Cat, Sam and Marina and we went
to Southbank and got some foodables before spending most of the night at
Sexpo - OMG it was so much fun! Bought so much stuff, did so many
things. and you should see my new pair of shoes!! (I will be posting a
photo of them as soon as I can find the USB cable for my phone) so
yeah, it was a totally awesome night, I'm glad I went!! Of course, I
now have 15c to my name, and I don't get paid til Thursday the 8th.

Saturday and Sunday were spent working and admiring my new shoes, and
watching DVDs with the also-broke Liz. LOL well we had to do
something!! It was great fun!! Oh I can't wait til I move again,
surfing the net every day, just looking for that perfect place.

That's about all I have to say.
I miss Mark heaps and heaps, and hopefully he'll be back soon.
At least he's worth the wait!!! Oh yeah!
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Hey there, let me know when you'd like me to do your hair. I'd suggest you come here as we have everything here for hair-dying but it's cool for me to go to yours.
How's Wednesday or Thursday this week? I can come over after work (just let me know what time LOL)

Oh... and good news... Turns out if I can scrape some money together, I'll be going to ADICTS with you on Friday too, I won't be going to Melbourne cos Mark's dad isn't doing so well. And then maybe I can go Sunday too? *raids piggy bank*