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Well, looking back at my journal. it seems public entries dated October last
year to present are. well. NON-EXISTANT. hid most of them, that's appalling!!

I'm sitting at work at the mo, trying to figure out what I actually DID
these past four months. Well, the last time I can see was late September.

October I did the following:
- danced HEAPS (I freaking love dancing!
- Went down to the coast for Liz Ball's birthday (see October
photo gallery - link to
gallery list is here

- Ummmmmm went clubbing heaps as well (as you do)
- And decided to blow all my savings on shopping and alcohol
instead of saving it - thus blowing my dreams of buying a house.

Made some smart decisions in October - NAWT!!!

November was pretty much the same:
- dancing
- went to the footy with Archie & stayed in the city (Oh I love
- went shopping heaps
- ummmm and worked?
- Finally got to go out with pusska_29 cos she's 18
now, mofo's!
- Started hanging out with John more. He cracks me up!

December was full of the following:
- that Christmas thing
- breaking up with Archie yet again (after many fights. Sigh.
I guess it was really over in like June, not sure)
- Started not-dating men HAHAHAHA was soooooooo not ready to
date someone!!
- And then more of that Christmas schamozzle.
- Went to South Stradbroke with _snitchbitch, dienacht, Erin, George and all the other people that were there.
It was my first camping experience ever. And I survived. Though I
won't go camping there again, prefer a place where the sand is not
BLACK. But the company? Well they were just tops! I drank
sooooooooooooo much, and didn't feel sick the next day, although coming
home on New Years Day I was moody - but that was mainly PMS LOL And the
fact that Archie and I fought all weekend. It was my first man-free
weekend of both 2006 and 2007. yewwwwwwwww!
- Met Tony. He blows my mind - he's so fucking awesome!

January - what a freaking awesome month!
- met Craig. He's an asshole, but it's good hanging with him
cos he makes me not want to be like that!
- Met so many other awesome people.
- The most important of them being my sexy new boyfriend Mark.
OMG he is so amazing!! But more about him later, I'll make you guys
sick of hearing about him, don't worry!
- The worst thing I did in January is max out my $5000 credit
card.. oh god I am so stupid, I am going to be paying that back for like
a year!! More!!!

February - well that's this month
- my debt has swelled out to $8000, but I'm determined to move
out no matter what, just as soon as I find that perfect place. Haven't
found it yet, am looking
- Mark flew to Melbourne :-( haven't seen him in 2 weeks and I
miss him like crazy!

Ok am going home now, so will update another time. probably tomorrow
morning when I'm bored at work hehehhehe

Going to sexpo now, yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

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