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Well, I pissed Archie off cos I wasn't home last night when he wanted to visit... but I had good reason... I was seeing CARA! YAY!! I mean, Kim and Sabrina were there too, and it was good to see them. I walked in to see the three of them sitting in a bar emptying a bottle of wine... and it looks like 90% of that wine had gone into Kim's bloodstream. Oh she was so cute :)

And Cara? You are so much (more) fun when you're not full of all the bullshit that comes from certain people that live 'interstate'. Honestly, you are so free of burdens now, and happy. Yeah, I like seeing you happy :)

I am excited about tonight too, Cat and I are taking Flick out in the valley and showing her a good time. I mean, we're going dancing first, so hopefully we can drag some of the guys out with us! But sometimes they are just hopeless cases. Cat wants Bruce to come, I reckon he won't, but at least it won't be because of me now! We are mates again, I just don't think clubbing is his style. Okay, so I'm not the greatest dancer by a MILE, but I still like clubbing. Of course, it's better when I'm not drunk and can't notice how pathetic my dance moves are LOL.

Alright, better get to work. God I've been here for AGES and done practically nothing. *looks sheepish* I have to go shopping today and get the rest of Liz's birthday present, Carmen and I are buying her present together, which is good, cos she'll give me the rest of the money next weekend, which means I will HAVE money next weekend. And then I have to pick up stuff for tonight, but that won't be so hard! God I am going to be so tired tonight! But that's okay, red bull will keep me awake! *apologises to insides for the amount of alcohol I am going to inflict on you tonight*

Cara, I'll check with Liz when she gets out of bed (usually around midday-ish) if it's okay if you come next weekend. The hotel room has two double beds, and don't worry, you me and Carmen will totally fit in one bed - Carmen is tiny btw and doesn't take up much room :)

Alrighty then, back to work.
2 and 3/4 hours til I can go home.
Okay, more like 3 1/2 hours til I LEAVE though lol.
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