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last night!

awwwwwwwwwwwww had the best night last night!! Had heaps of fun at dancing (despite losing my voice AGAIN), stayed for a bit after the class, went for a drink with mates from my level, then Luke and I dragged Cat out of there for some valley clubbing!!!!

But before that - OMG I didn't find this out til afterwards - Bruce tried to make me jealous! HAHAHA I laughed so hard when Cat told me! I can't believe I didn't see it! He grabbed her when I was dancing with (um can't remember his name) and kissed her on the cheek and stared at me the whole time hehehehe OH I had the best laugh - especially cos I didn't even notice! I am so much hotter than him! But we were messaging eachother this morning and we are gonna be mates (and not bitchy), thank GAWD. But it was sweet that he was jealous of me dancing with someone else! Probably cos he was whispering something in my ear that made me laugh! (he was talking dutch to me, 'aight!)

Anyway - last night. Went to the Empire (OMG it's been years!) and oh they played the best music! Old school techno! Yeeeeeeahhhhh! I was in love, Luke and I were going off, he is a mad dancer - poor Cat didn't like the music too much, but I just pushed her into Luke's arms and she was all good, those two make the cutest couple! And I just had a blast dancing, I rejected every guy that came near me (oops!) cos I was just having too much fun dancing my little heart out!

Then we went back to Luke's house and watched him firetwirl. Very sexy. Cat couldn't stop drooling LOL young love is so cute! So I decided to go home to give them some alone-time, got home about 4:30, so not a bad effort, considering that I am out of codral! (must buy some more)

Anyway, so I am having fun setting all my friends up, so we're all going to Flick's next Saturday for dinner before dancing, and Cat and I are totaly gonna get her plasted when we go clubbing afterwards - and hopefully set her up with James if we can drag him along too!!! And maybe I can drag Liz and Vaughn out too - I love all my friends and they are so wonderful, I want them all to meet, cos they will totally all get along! Laura wish you could come with us!!! 2 1/2 months to go!!! I'll ask Bruce and Shaun if they want to come out too, bet Bruce will say no - piker!!!

x-posted to my MySpace (with modifications), because I am too lazy to update twice. HAHAHA

and welcome back, dienacht - we've all missed you so much!!!
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