Charlie (tangochocky) wrote,


it was so awesome...  I cried.
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I usually find the movies entertaining, but not nearly as fascinating, as engrossing, as the books ... or the books + fan fiction, rather. And, as always, I didn't think that this movie really stood up as a movie in its own right; too much chopped out, et cetera. I dunno. It's hard to stand back and see it objectively, judge it on its own merits.

I don't know what your spoiler policy is, so I guess I shouldn't go into detail on what scenes I thought worked, and what I didn't like ... but one scene in particular, yes, really moved me (to my surprise).

Better film than GoF, I reckon, easily; all due to the DA, which was my favourite part of the book, too.
I don't care about spoilers, lol. I was messaging Kim about it last night, I reckoned that Luna shouldn't have used levicorpus spell in the ministry of magic, because I swear it was created in HBP! But I could be completely wrong! I know there were heaps of inconsistencies, but I thought that was a biggie.
Yeah, I got a bit peeved about some of the inconsistencies as well. What's with the 'smoky teleportation' that the DEs and the Order used in the Ministry battle? Bleh. I know they had it in the GoF movie too, but still, it's not apparation, so it's something we've never seen in canon.

Luna was one of the best parts of the movie. That scene of her blasting away the DE was excellent, the expression on her face as she did it, and right afterwards. I could kill the director, though, for those two scenes where she skipped down the corridors ... that skipping diluted her 'otherworldliness', her serenity, and made her look like a silly childish girl.

The DA was the heart of the movie, for me. The scenes where they were training were great - intermixed with Filch and the Squad - and I found the initial meeting at the Hogs Head to be very moving; Harry laying out what it's like to be under fire, Luna helping him out with her patronus question, and Hermione stitching it all together. That really worked for me, very poignant.
I was grown up today and resisted and went and did all the other VERY IMPORTANT things. :(

I see it Friday with TheThinker
I wanna see it lots and lots and lots.
hey, sorry to be coming to your personal journal like this, but i tried to reach the maintainer of thewardrobe but they aren't responding. so i decided to contact a poster who could maybe get in reach with the maintainer? well, i was wondering if you guys still use/want this community anymore because i rly like the name and would love to have it for an active community. but if not, that's okay too. i would just like to know so if not, i can go ahead and make one from scratch using a different name. plz get back to me asap. ty!
I'd message either dienacht or piecesofalice... I think pieces is the mod for that community, she has a journal (quantesque?) that she never uses... neither dienacht or I speak to her unfortunately, so I would just comment on pieces's journal and ask her? I'm sure she won't mind. Hope you have some success :)
thank you so much! :)